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Order Sons of Italy in America


"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"

  The OSIA Little Italy Lodge #2286, in the heart of Baltimore's century-old Italian neighborhood, welcomes you to its home.      We invite you in - to immerse yourself in the old-world charm and rich cultural heritage of a thriving Italian community, to participate, no matter how far away you may be, in the timeless Italian traditions of hospitality and generosity, to find comfort and joy in discovering that, yes, family and good food and laughter can still be found in a too-often fragmented and melancholy world.    

  Explore our home, drop in often and celebrate life and family with us.

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Nominations for 2015 - 2016

Lodge Officers



December 9,2014



You Are Encouraged To Nominate Those Whom You Believe

Would Advance The Interests and Objectives of The Lodge


Please Give Serious Consideration To Nominating Yourself If You

Believe Your Contributions

Would Benefit Your Fellow Lodge Members.

Please refer to your Lodge By-Laws or the October issue of LaNotizia for detailed descriptions of the various duties of officers.



The General Meeting , for the month of February will be held, the 3rd. Tuesday of the month, instead of the 2nd., Tuesday !




Sal Spinnato
Lodge President

Bill Bertazon





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Stiles Street (Bocce Court)
Entrance to the Lodge


Stiles Street in Little Italy


The Little Italy Lodge
905 East Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

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905 East Pratt Street Baltimore MD 21202
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